Yoga is both a physiological system and a systematically structured aid for the development of the whole multifaceted person. The techniques of yoga are intended to help one to overcome the identification with the material and mental world that surrounds you and instead to connect to the real core of your being.

"You must be the change, you want to see in the world"
-Mahatma Gandhi

Introductory/ Yogasana 1

Intro/Y1 New-6 months


Caters for those with no previous experience of a Yoga asana practice as well as those interested in joining/returning to Iyengar yoga classes.  Postures are taught with an emphasis on correct alignment and extensions, gaining mobility and stability without strain. Book in to the first part of the Introductory/Yogasana 1 program and have the option of attending any classes in the program for that booking period. Follow with a booking for the second part to complete the term program.  For class times see workshop page, pre booking req.


Mixed Yogasana

3 months +


For students committing to a regular practice of yoga.  Must have attended a minimum of 12 classes at The Yoga Intersection or with other certified Iyengar yoga teachers  Pre booking required.


Yogasana 2

Y2 2 years +


Yogasana 2 is for students progressing from Y1 or have a minimum of one year practice with a certified Iyengar teacher.  A wider range of postures are taught including inversion, back bends, and the introduction of breathing techniques. Pre booking required.


Yogasana 3



This level is for students with a minimum of two years practice with a qualified Iyengar teacher.  Students should be proficient in the practice of inversions and other more challenging asanas.  A personal daily practice of asana/pranayama is the key to developing a mature intuitive approach.  One realizes the connection between action and outcomes and the effects on mental, physical and spiritual well being.  Pre booking required.


Led Practice



This is a sequenced yoga class where all participants practice working within their capacity together.  There is a leader to guide the practice. A minimum of 12 weeks attendance at The Yoga Intersection required.


Gentle Yogasana



This class is open to all and involves the use of props and a slower pace to enable the practitioner to improve mobility, respiration, and balance mental energy. No pre booking required. *NEW STUDENTS WHO ARE IN PREGNANCY may attend MONDAY restorative and  SUNDAY Open class only*



ACTIVE/MIXED ASANA CLASS                                                   This class focuses on asanas sequenced for a mixed level active practice, suitable for                                                                                                                                       students  attending The Yoga Intersections course programs.

Open Class


This is a mixed level asana class open to all. No pre booking required.  





The class focuses on relaxation techniques to induce an understanding of the fundamental conditions of the energetic body, calming the fluctuations of the mind using concentration and breathing practices.  The class is not recommended for beginners (students with a steady record of attendance are welcome). 

"An ounce of practice is worth more than tones of preaching"

          Mahatma Gandhi