Some helpful information regarding Yoga practice at The Yoga Intersection. When arriving please consider the following.

Quiet. When you arrive a class might still be in progress, please lower your voice when arriving or leaving your class room.

Shoes. Footwear is to be left outside the class room in the racks provided.

Mobile Phones. Please turn off all devices in the class room.

Belongings. Keep personal belongings to a minimum as there is limited space provided in the class room.  The Yoga Intersection does not accept responsibility for personal belongings.

What to wear. Wear appropriate seasonal items that are a relaxed fit to avoid restriction in movement. The practice is done in bare feet.

Parking. The parking around the centre is timed during business hours. It is necessary to allow a few minutes to find parking. Parking is always available but not always outside the door.

Trains. Caringbah train station 300 metres

Class times. Where ever possible the studio class room will be open 15 mins before class begins. If you arrive late please be mindful when joining the class. (inform the teacher if you need to leave the class before it has finished, take a short time lying quietly before you leave)

Payments. Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer.  No efpos facilities available

Food and water. Digestion requires specific activities of the internal system. We advise you to take a sip of water if the mouth is dry or if a strong thirsts present. The benefits of Yoga practice is deepened if the stomach is settled. Avoid eating before your class, food can be consumed 15 mins after class. Management of food intake is an important part of purifying the mind and body.  Please consider lighter eating prior a practice of Asanas.

Contra-indicated practice. It is advisable to inform your teacher of current conditions before class. The teacher can advise you, discreetly, of an appropriate practice. Simple alternatives can be taken until the condition subsides. Conditions such as menstruation, pregnancy, ear & eye problems, blood pressure imbalances, require an alternative approach.  New students in pregnancy may attend the Sunday 9.30am class only.

During class. A practice of Yogasana induces peace and quietness in mind/speech complex. Please refrain from conversational tendencies during class times as this prevents the mind from settling. This is for the benefit of all participants.

Thank you for your co-operation


Jan, Sue and Leanne