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Realise the positive outcomes from a holistic Yoga practice 


Throughout the decades yoga has been influenced by great gurus, each varied paths leading to the same goal.  Here at The Yoga Intersection all the teachers are dedicated Yoga practitioners certified in the method introduced by B.K.S. Iyengar.  

Formally Yoga Origins principal teacher Jan offers an updated practitioners program at The Yoga Intersection, additionally with the help of Sue and Leanne.

Our Aims and Objectives are:

1. To provide an environment where in the classical teachings of Yoga as an art, science and way of life can be adopted.

2. To promote and advance the benefits of the study and practice of Yoga which emphasizes its therapeutic effects.  This is accomplished by improving ones mental, physical, and spiritual health.  

3.  The objective is to provide an entry point for each individual to access their journey through a yoga practice in a professional, ethical and practical environment.